Do you ever pull up at home, but you’re too lazy to get out of the car, so you just spend 20 minutes on your phone and listening to the radio as you sit in your driveway

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So recently I've decided that I'm tired of wasting my money on cheap flats that barely last a year. I know Tory Burch flats are great and I really love them but I'm not so sure if I want to shell out $225 just yet (I'm going into my freshman year of college) so I was wondering if you knew any other good brands to buy flats from?

I would highly recommend looking on eBay because my mom buys Tory flats ALL THE TIMEEEE on there and she gets them pretty cheap. I would look into Steve Madden I think all of their shoes are great quality for their price point (and their leather flats are incredibly cute). If you’re rough on shoes, I’d recommend staying away from soft leather though because its so easy to tear and scuff. Stick to patent and pebbled leathers :)

I was looking into buying Tory burch boots but what are the negative reviews you've heard??

A LOT of people complain about the boots being too tall and such, but what really freaked me out were all the reviews talking about the heel of the boot falling off. If I’m paying upwards of $400 for a pair of shoes, I don’t want it to fall apart. 

How long do Frye boots stay stiff and do you know any other riding boots that have stiff leather? I hate when my boots slouch after a couple wears and I totally agree with you that investing in higher quality pieces is better than buying something that won't last long.

I know of a few people who’ve gotten nice pairs from like DSW and such. The boots won’t slouch if you make sure they hold their shape by using boot shapers or putting magazines in them when you store them. If they’re a stiff, hard leather then you won’t really have to worry about that once you put them on. Softer leathers and fake leather just look cheaper and will have an even more difficult time holding their shape.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Country and alternative rock

I completely agree with you about what you said on your post about quality! Sure, there are many cheap brands that can get one by, but they fail to last or have the same quality. I invest in the best as well. To me, it's much more worth it to spend $100 on a Ralph Lauren oxford then to spend $45 on a cheap one that will not even last a year. Frye boots are incredible and I bought a pair last fall/winter and it's been the best boot purchase I've ever made. Stay classy!

I had never heard of them before my mom bought me my first pair when I was in high school! I thought I should share it with everyone because I know they’re not as popular as the Tory Burch boots (which have so many negative reviews).

people who like jacks but think they're uncomfortable should try palm beach sandals! they were the same company (husband and wife who got divorced) but jacks have metal in the heel whereas palm beach sandals have cork! wayyyyy more comfortable it takes like a day to break them in instead of a month!

I didn’t know they were the same company once!!!! That’s so neat anon, everyone check them out if you like jacks but your feet don’t! I have friends who have some and they think they’re super comfy :)

Ok we all get you're well off but please tell me why it is necessary to spend over $300 on riding boots. I've gotten a couple pairs of brand name and regular riding boots from Macy's and Nordstrom for more than half the price and they've all easily lasted a very long time and still do to this day. Tory Burch and Frye Boots are not "essentials" for preps, boots in general are. Not everybody can afford what you can.

I prefaced that post saying most of the items were general items you could get from anywhere, but I was going to mention specific brands where I felt it was important. I said the specific brand because Frye boots are incredibly well made and I will purchasing them for years to come. When I believe that strongly in a product, I think it’s important to share that so other people can check them out. I thought it was important to mention because I always had issues shopping for riding boots since they can easily look cheap and tacky. If you would have actually the post instead of just letting it offend you, you would have noticed that I said that I prefer boots with stiff leather which you can search for anywhere and everywhere.

Okay thank you for saying something about jacks, because those shoes are like THE most uncomfortable shoes ever and its like if im wearing shoes that uncomfortable, they are going to be heels

THANK YOU!!! If it hurts to walk it better be because my Louboutins are sky high making my legs look killer and other girls look jealous